Capital Campaigns for Churches & Religious Institutions

Successful Church Campaigns

Betty Johnson and Associates has extensive experiences working with religious organizations to help them fulfill their vision and mission through successful capital campaigns. Whether they are building new, renovating, expanding, debt retirement, or stewardship, Betty Johnson & Associates can assist you in your goals.

We have been especially successful with our church campaigns, both rural and urban. Our capital campaign fits the church organizational structure nicely and allows our churches to build community, increase volunteer activity, and raise funds for the mission and vision of the church leadership.

We understand your church membership is diverse, with some being very committed, some not so much; some having been blessed with financial assets, others not so much; and some having time and skills to assist with the effort, others not so much. Our experience has shown us time and time again, that although the membership is diverse, each person can make a gift of some kind – be it a financial gift or a gift of prayer – all gifts are important for your campaign success, as well as your church’s success.

Whether you are large or small, based on a feasibility study, an analysis of your potential, and a solid roadmap to success, we will help your religious organization enjoy a successful capital campaign, while having fun, building community, and recruiting new volunteers for future projects and missions.

We commit to working with your church to make your dreams, your vision, and your goals reality. We pledge to you and your church community to bring our knowledge, insight, experiences, values, and ideas to help you be successful. Based on faith, we support you to transform your vision into reality. Throughout the campaign, we will help you enrich and engage your members.